What I’ve learnt about publishing a children’s book #1

My middle-grade debut ‘The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks’ is out in May 2022 – just five months away now! It has been a rollercoaster journey with swooping highs and plummeting lows. Here’s what I’ve learned so far: Pace yourself. Heard the one about how nothing happens in publishing then everything happens at once? It’sContinue reading “What I’ve learnt about publishing a children’s book #1”

Investing in myself as a writer

Investing in my writing practice is not new. I completed an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and an MA in Children’s Literature but both left me strangely cold. Perhaps it was the competitive atmosphere that filled me with self-doubt or maybe it was my own insecurities but either way, I found myselfContinue reading “Investing in myself as a writer”

An Incredible Adventure

“From the very first page, The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks is a celebration of difference. Kind, passionate and determined in equal measure, Alice is such a vivid and likeable character. Although she doesn’t always find things easy, she steps up to the challenges that come her way, from settling in at school, to getting to gripsContinue reading “An Incredible Adventure”

What I’m looking for in a mentee

I am over the moon to have been selected as a mentor for WriteMentor’s 2021 Summer Mentoring programme and can’t wait to help a fellow writer take their next brave step towards making their writing dreams a reality. A bit about me I am an LGBTQ, disabled and neurodivergant writer from South London who livesContinue reading “What I’m looking for in a mentee”

Pre-orders that I am excited for

As 2021 gets underway, I’ve lined up a host of Middle Grade that I can’t wait to get my hands on. ‘Maggie Blue and the Dark World’ by Anna Goodall As soon as I saw this cover, I knew I had to have this book! This is the tale of Maggie Blue who sees herContinue reading “Pre-orders that I am excited for”

The right place at the right time…

2020 was the year when writing came back into my life. Fifteen years ago, I arrived at university fresh-faced and eager to learn following a childhood of writing stories on my mum’s geriatric word processor. I completed an undergraduate degree in English Literature with Creative Writing, followed by an MA in Children’s Literature. Both coursesContinue reading “The right place at the right time…”