An Incredible Adventure

“From the very first page, The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks is a celebration of difference. Kind, passionate and determined in equal measure, Alice is such a vivid and likeable character. Although she doesn’t always find things easy, she steps up to the challenges that come her way, from settling in at school, to getting to grips with some surprising new skills, to uncovering villainous plots. I can’t wait for readers to meet this extraordinary heroine and her friends – both human and animal!”

Katie Jennings, Senior Commissioning Editor, Rock the Boat

After many months of editing away in secret, it has been a joy to finally see ‘The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks’ officially announced, first in The Bookseller’s groundbreaking Disability special and then via BookBrunch:

As always, the online writing community have been wonderful, celebrating my news.

I am busy putting the final touches on ‘The Extraordinary Adventures of Alice Tonks’ and look forward to have more exciting news to share soon!

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