Pre-orders that I am excited for

As 2021 gets underway, I’ve lined up a host of Middle Grade that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

  1. ‘Maggie Blue and the Dark World’ by Anna Goodall
Guppy Books brings us a
new story of friendship and courage.

As soon as I saw this cover, I knew I had to have this book! This is the tale of Maggie Blue who sees her enemy dragged through a window to another world! With the help of stray cat Hoagy, Maggie is determined to save her fellow student, whatever the cost.

Anna Goodall isn’t an author I’ve read before but I am always up for trying new things, especially when it comes with a premise like this and a giant cat on the cover!

2. ‘The Orphans of Shipwreck Island’ by Struan Murray

Struan Murray is back
with a brand new adventure!

The moment I finished the final page of the brilliant ‘Orphans of the Tide’, I had to hunt out the sequel. That’s the sign of a truly great read! I will be on tenterhooks until the 4th March to find out what has happened to Ellie and Seth now that they’ve defeated the Enemy and are on their way to a tropical island.

3. ‘Show Us Who You Are’ by Elle McNicoll

#OwnVoices author Elle
McNicoll always packs a punch

‘A Kind of Spark’ was an absolute gamechanger for the #kitlit industry. Unapologetically neurodiverse, McNicoll is my heroine and her debut moved me – and many others – to tear. Never afraid to show the dark as well as the light of Autistic life, McNicoll is back with a new standalone. This time protagonist Cora must take on the shady Pomegranate Technologies. Last time around, this incredible Scottish writer claimed Blackwell’s Children’s Book of the Year spot and their Book of the Year prize! This time I’m sure we can expect another runaway success.

4. ‘The Hatmakers’ by Tamzin Merchant

Fantasy adventure with
laugh our loud humour

Sometimes there is such a buzz about a new book that you just have to check it out. This was ‘The Hatmakers’ for me. I have been heard so many people rave about Merchant’s story of a magical milliner from a long-line of hatmakers that I had to place an order and see what all the fuss is about! It sounds like there is a mystery to solve at the heart of this sea-faring adventure and I do love a good twisty mystery!

5. ‘The Weather Weaver’ by Tamsin Mori

“Essentially a Moana tale for Shetland!”

Tamsin is another Bell Moreton Lomax writer and when I found out her debut was set for release on the 4th March, I was quick to click ‘preorder’.

Described as “a coming of age story, intertwined with island myths and hidden magic”, The Weather Weaver tells the story of 11-year old Stella who returns to Shetland to spend the summer with her Grandpa. I loved how dark this one sounded with a Grandpa lost in grief and a sea-witch closing in…

6. ‘The Shark Caller’ by Zillah Bethell

Can Blue Wing brave the
deadliest shark of them all?

Not long to wait for this one with a release date of 4th February! When I heard the line “I want to be able to call the sharks. Teach me the magic and show me the ways”, this new title soon found it’s way into my basket.

Set in Papua New Guinea, Bethell tells the tale of two girls and their incredible adventure under the sea.

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